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Club goals

  1. To teach people to dance well and have fun in the process.
  2. To teach in a manner that will be easy to learn and enjoyable to dance without sacrificing the characteristic style of the dance.
  3. To teach technique that is comfortable and safe for both the man and the woman.
  4. To teach men to lead and women to follow, not just walk through the patterns.
  5. To provide a curriculum that is both consistent and complete.
  6. To teach in a manner that will allow members to adapt and feel comfortable dancing with people from other clubs and studios, other parts of Texas, and across the country without sacrificing Whip style.
  7. To teach rhythm, timing and phrasing, even to people who may not seem to have any of these abilities naturally.
  8. To teach people to dance to a variety of musical speeds and styles.
  9. To teach people to look good as well as feel good.
  10. To encourage our dancers to enhance the scope of their dancing by:
    • Dancing with partners other than their regular partner.
    • Attending club practice night and multi-club functions.
    • Participating in classes, workshops, and private lessons.
    • Attending and participating in competition, including judging and tally room seminars.
  11. To keep dancers in the club, not by sheltering them from knowledge of other clubs and studios, but by providing the best Whip instruction and social environment in Austin.
  12. To support wholeheartedly our dancers in achieving their goals for their dancing, whatever they may be:  whether it is to be a great social dancer, an accomplished competitor, or simply to get out on the floor and have a good time.
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